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The Workforce Oklahoma Training Institute closed it's doors

June, 29, 2012 after 11,800 days of providing service

to the people of Oklahoma.

This website will remain open for approximately 6 months for references and links.

Most resources have been transferred to

evans hall

Established in 1980, the Institute is one of the original and longest continuously operating training institutes in the national workforce network.

It is the capacity building unit of the Oklahoma Workforce Development System funded by a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Located on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus, we are a department

of the University of Oklahoma Outreach ~ College

of Continuing Education, a division of Public and Community Services.

The Workforce Oklahoma Training Institute offers training assistance for local areas including:

Classroom Training / Certificate Program

Online Tools and Training

Integrated Services Protocols and Other Resources


Workforce Oklahoma Training Institute

Congratulate Employment & Training Professional Certificate recipients

Mechelle Bryant

LaFonda Crowder

Jo Richter

Stacey Spears

(not pictured) Kristi Lemmond

The Employment & Training Professional Certificate e-lesson

Oklahoma Workforce System e-lesson

Oklahoma Workforce Integrated System

Online Training

Orientation to the Local Workforce Investment Board


Initial Assessment e-lesson (CAC Version)

Introduction to Product Box e-lesson

Interviewing: Job Seeker Do's & Don'ts

Service Definition & Service Entry of the Welcome Function Protocols


Resource Package for Determining Employment Goal

Welcome Function Protocols

Skills Enhancement Function Protocols

Job Getting Function Protocols

Individual Service Strategy (ISS) Procedures

Individual Employment Plan (IEP) Procedures


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